Author: Francois
July 1, 2013

As you maybe know the most popular RSS reader (Google reader) is going to be definitively shutted down. If you already found a replacement software you may need to add again all your favorites RSS feeds.

For your convenience we have listed below the list of active’s bloggers feeds ranked by activity (except for mine).


Domainware (’s owner)

The Domains

The Frager factor

Domain Name Wire

Elliot Silver

Domaining Tips

Rick Schwartz

Bill Eisenmann



Brian Diener


Internet Commerce Association

Domainer Income


Domain Name News

Dot CA Domains

Domain Magnate

DotSauce Magazine

Michael Gilmour



If you did not found a new RSS reader, know allows to add your own custom feeds into the list of news shown.



Author: Francois
March 15, 2013

This afternoon Aaron sent me an email to tell me it was the 28th anniversary of the .COM so should receive a ton of traffic from his site.

I did not shared his enthousiasm about referrals due to my huge experience on linkage…

People tend to think when they place an award into their website it will deliver us a lot of traffic (it’s rarely the case). For this reason many owners are reluctant to make the first step, thinking each new visitor will click our award and leave their site. To avoid this imaginary traffic leak most of them place our award at the bottom of their site like if it was a website counter.

So I thought it was time to educate site owners and show them the amount of clicks such awards generate. I went to my Google analytics and extracted all the traffic reveived from bloggers for the past 30 days. I only listed the ones who sent at least 1 visitor to within the past 30 days and for sure having published at least one post.

Here are the results:


Blogger Per month Per day 426 14 341 11 163 5 151 5 141 5 137 5 124 4 115 4 115 4 106 4 77 3 76 3 73 2 68 2 49 2 48 2 43 1 35 1 33 1 25 1
TheFragerFactor 20 1 19 1 17 1 15 1 14 0 13 0 13 0 12 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 5 0 4 0 3 0 3 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0


Yes, the numbers are very low but I do not care, for me the most important is everyone made his best to promote our industry as much is possible.

For those who want to improve the exposure of our award know there is new award designs and news tickers available at:

Thanks for your support.


Author: Francois
February 28, 2013

Thanks to you can now find out who are the TOP drop catchers.


Ranked by registrant name
# Registrant purchases/month
1 Private Registrant 36950
2 Andrew Reberry andrew 35456
3 Illegal Whois – Chinese 9693
5 3800
6 Domain Asset Holdings 3490
7 Admin – 2425
8 Domain Admin 2194
9 registrant 1531
10 1395
11 Epik LLC 1390
12 li ning 1289
14 Details: 1086
15 Domain Administrator 814
16 Administrator Admin 796
17 DNS Admin 754
18 Name Admin 754
19 null 735
20 IT Department 702
22 Dan Rubin 671
23 QI XIANNV 636
25 Matthew Klein 612
26 Domain Names International, LLC 589
27 LookoutNames 576
28 Mail Rejected See 516
29 Edward Clark 505
30 Domain Names International 488
31 DU ZITENG 473
32 com info 469
33 lihanqi 456
34 Nuno Oliveira 418
35 Online Growth, LLC 413
36 Ltd 378
37 info com 355
38 Administrative, Technical 335
39 Telos CHAMIR 325
40 Whois Agent 319
41 Jiaxin Technology Domain Sales Center 309
42 jiang yilin 280
43 caichen ning 273
44 mi zhang 267
45 Host Master 256
46 Personal 235
47 yong wu 228
48 Endurance International Group 221
49 Siqi Discipline 209
50 owner-name: Ma Chao 198
51 Heri Susanto 194
52 noorinet 193
53 Intersolved, LLC 192
54 Niche Advertising 191
55 shangkaidujdjdj 187
56 lingmukang 185
57 GV, LLC 184
58 Madhusudan Boraswamy 181
59 Anshul Goyal 174
60 xiaoshan yang 174
61 dawika keawwong 174
62 wu liang 170
63 Zhou Qingjun 169
64 luo haitang 167
65 shang hai ke 166
66 This Domain for Sale
67 Robert Havlena 160
68 ceylan, uzeyir hakan 160
69 Guoqiang wang 159
70 jiaochenyang 157
71, Inc. 156
72 Unknown company 155
73 Ancient Holdings, LLC 152
74 Anthony T Lam, DMD, PC 152
75 jiangguoren 150
76 4Internet, LLC 150
77 Oleksandr Grytsai 149
78 Wendy Webbe 141
79 —————————- 141
80 owner-name: Jiang Genghong 141
81 Chrysanthemum Zhang 140
82 zhangxiangen 140
83 chen wen 137
84 Wei Zhou 136
85 Vladimir Ziryanov 135
86 Aligned Acquisitions Inc 128
87 tang feng 126
88 syuichi yamamoto 126
89 via http: 123
90 peirong cheng 120
91 Edward Sloan 119
92 Cyberland LLC 117
93 junya wang 114
94 zhguoji013 zhguoji013 114
95 fanying 113
96 Ravi Kumar 111
97 LLC 111
98 lihui 110
99 Rossy Mario 109

We have the data ranked by administrator email but for privacy reasons decided to not publish the chart.

Each one will analyze this data from his own point of view, you can at anytime check out at The latest top drop catchers graphic chart.


  • I like .com, .fr
  • I like short names
  • I prefer domains with a decent appraisal
  • I like closing domains with more than 1 bid

And you know what? I can specify all of my preferences here! shows ALL of the closing auctions at,,, and with all the metrics, including a link to all the domain information (thanks I can even setup email alerts so I do not forget to place a winning bid in the last hour! has decided (thanks Francois) to start showing all of the closing auctions on his homepage.  In fact, you set how many closing domains you want to see listed based on your domain preferences.

So from now on, each time you browse the daily news in (probably several times a day), you can also see if potential names you like are closing.  This way you do not miss a good deal again.



But all is not perfect.  For years, I have asked and to participate so domainers can also see their public closing auctions within the same place.

No chance! The excuse has always been that they do not have enough public auctions.

It’s terrible to stick to this position when they should want to provide the highest possible exposure to their customer’s domain auctions.

The result:  This week’s Mike Mann auction at for had ZERO bids!!!
Our domains deserve it, or don’t we pay enough sales commission for that? Help yourself and God will help


Our domains deserve more exposure, or don’t we pay enough sales commission for that?

So if you want and public auctions be also included, please drop them a note with this suggestion.

Your voice can be louder than mine and mass demand can make them react and understand that we want the maximum exposure for the domains we auction in their marketplaces.


Thanks for your support. I hope we could make things move forward for the domainers interest.


Author: Francois
December 9, 2012

Time spend cannot be recovered.

Time saving has motivated most of my developments.

It was the case with where I wanted to save people time when getting domain information:

– I regrouped into the same site all the links that may provide usefull domain information.
– Then I used a short domain and coded URLs for fast access:
– I offered a framed navigation to can quickly switch between tools.

Today I am proud to announce a pair of improvements:

– Shortcut in your browser (install it) to can open DOFO for the webpage you are browsing.
– Switch to an horizontal frame layout (better for lower screen resolutions).

Try it and let me know if this is not really a time saver!

PS: is for sale at CAX.

Author: Francois
November 29, 2012

Everybody knows “domain flipping”. Basically, the term describes purchasing a domain name (or website) and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit.

This has both advantages and disadvantages:

– You can make much more than domain brokers who rarely get a sales commission over 20%. Here you have no other limit than your ability to successfully sell it for more than you purchased it for and earn the difference.

– You need to have a significant cash flow in order to purchase the domain to resell.
– It’s risky as you can never be sure you will be successful at reselling it.


I have been thinking of ways in which FLIPPING can be improved and have come to a scenario that eliminates all of the disadvantages to only keep the advantages.
It’s called: OPTIONING!
Imagine I believe I have an excellent chance to resell a domain for a huge profit. It’s a premium domain but I do not have enough funds to acquire it. Sure I could maybe try to get a loan, but what will happen if, after obtaining this loan, I don’t succeed in reselling the name? That would be a disaster for me!

The solution?

I approach the seller and I negotiate a sales price with which he is comfortable to sell AND for which my chances of making a profit are good.
Therefore nothing stops me from trying to put a purchase option on this domain, telling the seller: “I am willing to pay you a fee to get the exclusive right to acquire your domain within a specified time period at the set price.”

What does it mean?
Simply: If I find a buyer within the specified term, then I can pay the seller and resell the domain to the new buyer with no risk.
And if I have been unfortunate and did not found a buyer, then the only money I lost was the option fee. But that fee is insignificant compared to the full sales price.

For the seller, there are only advantages:
– Improve sale chances.
– Sell domains faster at the agreed price.
– Continue having full use of the domain.
– Make money either way! Earn the option fee even if the sale doesn’t happen.

And for you the flipper, all of the disadvantages mentioned above simply vanished. Yeah!

But wait… is there a way for the flipper to obligate the seller to respect the option deal?

No… this is why we have just created a new service at to secure optioning at 100%

PS: Special Thanks to Michael Norwood to stimulate me, to George Kirikos for his very valuable feedback, Michael Berkens for selling me the domain name at a special price. And thanks to few domainers who had the patience to listen my service idea when it was still very confused: Teri Plummer, Dennis Sourvanos, Mike Curving…


Author: Francois
July 29, 2012


It’s Sunday and I am seeing on forums how most domainers still continue proposing direct sale deals for small transactions with all the risks…
So I have decided to explore a new route and offer the possibility to secure small domain sales at no charge!

No escrow fee at for sale transactions under $500.

Over the escrow fee cost is simple to remember: 1% of sale price.

If you think it’s a positive news then inform your peers the time of insecurity on small domain transactions is over.


Author: Francois
July 19, 2012

Most of you probably noticed that lately the domainer aftermarket seems almost dead.

Recently, someone sent me a joke that in fact could be food for thought to try to improve this situation:

A rich tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Farmer's Co-op.

The guy at the Farmer's Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.

The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the rich traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves town.

The summary is: When money circulates, there is no debt and everybody can make a living.

It’s the same with domains. If everyone holds his domains like they were lottery tickets and only sells when an end-user is ready to pay a fortune, then nothing ever happens.

Hold your few best names, but try to move the others for a reasonable profit, and everybody will benefit!

Thanks for reading.

PS: is for sale at for a reasonable price where another domainer can still make some profit.


Now comes the swapping game!

I own the domain  name that I am willing to exchange. I am wondering which is the best name you will propose to give me to get mine for free?

FYI, I love catchy short .COM and English or French or Spanish dictionary .COM but I will not discard other options (except adult and domains infringing a trademark).
Please don’t ask me to choice one from your portfolio as I am too busy, just submit the most appealing name you are willing to swap.

I hope the domain I selected is enough interesting to get your attention!
Don’t be afraid to play: if I don’t select your name you would have at least won some free advertising.

Swapping transaction will be secured by
(courtesy of Braden Pollock)

Author: Francois
May 27, 2012


I started this post few days ago but as I had the mind at the level of my shoes I did not found the courage to finish it. Today I received the email asking to renew my blog’s hosting, it’s when I noticed my last post was posted in August, in other words, my posts are costing me a hundred dollars!
It’s time to lower my cost per blog post, but unfortunately I will start with a bad story:

As Rick Schwartz uses to say, numbers don’t lie! has been launched 10 days ago, and after a good media coverage from the domain industry the numbers are here:

– 0 registrations.
– 0 transfers.

It may looks a joke but it’s real. I got a true slap!!!



Below you can find ranked by date few headlines (thanks for the coverage) from about the service so you can better understand if you miss the DONA promotion:

My initial idea was to launch a registration service allowing us to help finance the Internet Commerce Association (ICA).



I thought:

If domain owners are reluctant to donate money to help the association who defends domain owners rights maybe they can indirectly contribute by using a domain registration service where a significant part of the profit is reversed to ICA.

So I used my most valuable domain: (DOmain NAmes) to launch this service.
As I don’t have enough resources, nor software, nor staff to be a registrar myself then I simply wrapped the popular ENOM reseller service under the catchy DONA name.

I wanted provide the best registration price so I started with a .COM registration price at $10.50 ($0.28 as gross margin).

The registration price was very attractive but not for the main audience targeted: domainers!

So it became critical to quickly find an extra to justify a higher registration price, it’s when the “UDRP insurance” concept was invented. But the problem was with a so small margin it was impossible to offer this extra, so the registration price was raised to $11.15 ($0.92 as gross margin).

But despite most people claimed having found the concept attractive the numbers don’t lie: DONA has been a failure!

The main causes are probably:

  • Nobody like to change of registrar.
  • Registration price is the #1 concern of domainers.
  • Help ICA don’t motivate to spend a bit more on registation.
  • All domains don’t deserve to be defended.
  • Domain owners are only willing to “insure” their better names.
  • Everybody think insurance is a lost of money, that UDRPs happens to others.

On my end I must assume:
As a reseller I will never be able to offer the low prices domainers expect because my ENOM reseller rates are already over what cheapest registrars are offering to domainers and/or registrars are constantly offering big discount coupon.

So should I totally abandon or try a different approach like offer the UDRP insurance as a standalone service domain owners can use for their best names without have to change of registrar?

After having contacted few domainers for their “real feedback” it’s clear they should only be willing to use such service for their best premium names and/or the ones at risk.
In other words, the names for which the rate to get get an UDRP is the highest, this means probably such service should charge annually $50+ per insured name to can cover UDRP refunds!!

So today my decision has been taken: The “UDRP insurance” service has been cancelled.
Rates have been raised at DONA to be in the average others registrars are asking to the public.

Maybe I opened the eyes of established registrars, and in the future they will propose something around the “UDRP insurance” or will help finance the ICA. If this should happen then my failed attempt will have not been a total waste of time.

The lesson is you can have a very great name (, an innovative and original idea (UDRP insurance), good intentions (help finance ICA), a good promotion (bloggers coverage + ads), the first point is offer a service that can fit needs and make sense for the user or nothing happens. I am certainly too fast to implement my ideas!

In a more positive note I am already working on a new service that has absolutely no relationship with DONA but again with domains (I am persistent). I just hope it will have more success, even if according the numbers of DONA: It’s sure!!!
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