Now comes the swapping game!

I own the domain  name that I am willing to exchange. I am wondering which is the best name you will propose to give me to get mine for free?

FYI, I love catchy short .COM and English or French or Spanish dictionary .COM but I will not discard other options (except adult and domains infringing a trademark).
Please don’t ask me to choice one from your portfolio as I am too busy, just submit the most appealing name you are willing to swap.

I hope the domain I selected is enough interesting to get your attention!
Don’t be afraid to play: if I don’t select your name you would have at least won some free advertising.

Swapping transaction will be secured by
(courtesy of Braden Pollock)

19 Responses to “What domain will you swap to get”

  1. Babak says:

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I have
    I will push first to your account and then you push to my account.
    Reply me soon.

  3. jay says:

    Some Honesty:
    I have a few’s and was kinda willing until I checked
    It’s a great name but to me (maybe not the majority of domain investors) it’s value is more speculative than concrete like that of LLL, LL, coms

  4. Tejash says:

  5. Francois says:

    The most valuable domains for job’s type are the singulars by far because plural can mainly only be used for a directory type site while the singular it’s what an end-user is searching to get for his own use, only one marketer will own one day Most marketing consultants are doing well and the best very very well.
    I think if you exclude which are extremely rare then it’s a domain that largely bypass in value many catchy short .COM. I have some experience of this market with and here is where the speculation and the average time to sell to an end-user is horrible (we calculated 25 year in average, so waiting the lottery), without talk about it’s on these names that most winning UDRP attacks are done, it’s only for domainers-domainers transactions that prices are stable and there is a fair liquidity for such names.
    In a side note I am not looking to specifically exchange with a mame having more financial value, I can fall in love of something that has really a fraction appraisal value of mine but that I like for other reasons.
    As an example lately I traded for and for

  6. kaka says:

  7. Mario Saumure says:



    let me know.


  8. Jay Lohmann says:

    We’ll offer up


    I’ll make sure gets a good home.

    J. A. Lohmann
    Founder / Creative Partner
    Dallas / Seattle

  9. Brad says: Spanish for sports photo.

  10. Richard Glaser says: ?

  11. Pat says:

  12. Bram C. says:

    I will offer 2 domains to swap for your one domain.

    CashEquities(.)com –>11 years old


    EUHM(.)com –> 10 years old short brandable domain, “euhm” is usually what someone says when they are looking for words, it’s the same in tons of different languages so IMO highly brandable.

    So those 2 domains for MarketingConsultant(.)com

  13. mark lango says:

  14. Todd says:

    Seems like a comparable trade

  15. Andrewli says:

    Take your pick:

  16. Ed says:

    How about (i glasses in Dutch) Erie, PA and Good old Eric Clapton Love Song all three for one…Hey wait a few years and when we finally get to’s then and will be nice?



  17. Francois says:


    You written “Seems like a comparable trade”

    Does not works, by experience on swapping when you want a specific name you must come with something the other party should estimate of highest value, otherwise he will not be motivated to bart That’s a rule in swapping.

  18. Bram C. says:

    (sounds appropiate for a swap 😉 )

  19. Francois says:

    The problem is we already own



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