Author: Francois
December 9, 2012

Time spend cannot be recovered.

Time saving has motivated most of my developments.

It was the case with where I wanted to save people time when getting domain information:

– I regrouped into the same site all the links that may provide usefull domain information.
– Then I used a short domain and coded URLs for fast access:
– I offered a framed navigation to can quickly switch between tools.

Today I am proud to announce a pair of improvements:

– Shortcut in your browser (install it) to can open DOFO for the webpage you are browsing.
– Switch to an horizontal frame layout (better for lower screen resolutions).

Try it and let me know if this is not really a time saver!

PS: is for sale at CAX.

One Response to “It’s irremediable….”

  1. Roma says:

    Hi Francois,

    Thanks for – really cool tool.

    The way it used to be was much better imho – all the buttons were right there. Now you have to to use a drop down menu, which takes a lot more time. It would be great if users were able to choose between the versions.

    Other than that it’s great!



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