Author: Francois
March 15, 2013

This afternoon Aaron sent me an email to tell me it was the 28th anniversary of the .COM so should receive a ton of traffic from his site.

I did not shared his enthousiasm about referrals due to my huge experience on linkage…

People tend to think when they place an award into their website it will deliver us a lot of traffic (it’s rarely the case). For this reason many owners are reluctant to make the first step, thinking each new visitor will click our award and leave their site. To avoid this imaginary traffic leak most of them place our award at the bottom of their site like if it was a website counter.

So I thought it was time to educate site owners and show them the amount of clicks such awards generate. I went to my Google analytics and extracted all the traffic reveived from bloggers for the past 30 days. I only listed the ones who sent at least 1 visitor to within the past 30 days and for sure having published at least one post.

Here are the results:


Blogger Per month Per day 426 14 341 11 163 5 151 5 141 5 137 5 124 4 115 4 115 4 106 4 77 3 76 3 73 2 68 2 49 2 48 2 43 1 35 1 33 1 25 1
TheFragerFactor 20 1 19 1 17 1 15 1 14 0 13 0 13 0 12 0 8 0 8 0 8 0 6 0 6 0 6 0 5 0 4 0 3 0 3 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0


Yes, the numbers are very low but I do not care, for me the most important is everyone made his best to promote our industry as much is possible.

For those who want to improve the exposure of our award know there is new award designs and news tickers available at:

Thanks for your support.


12 Responses to “Blogger’s traffic to revealed”

  1. Aron says:

    WOW, you were right.
    thanks for the info :)

    – Aron

  2. MarkH says:

    Sweet, I didn’t even know I had 5 visitors a day, lol…

  3. Savio DSilva says:

    It makes much more sense to show stats about how many visitors does send each domain blog in a month rather than the other way round.

    The problem with domain bloggers on is that they are so damn secretive about everything they do. They tend to hide crucial facts about themselves, their domains, their earnings and their traffic.

    Honesty goes a long way towards people seeing any blogger as a reliable and credible source. You domain bloggers from have a long, long way to go.

    People like Morgan Linton claim that he spends $10k on buying domains each month, and makes over $1 million in sales. I would request such cheats to publish their bank statement copies rather than just talk rubbish all the time.

  4. Francois says:

    If you really wanted to show your support for domaining you should have placed the award at top, to show the world you are part of the domainers community!

    You have, no. You are sending to these past 30 days. Now you are also advertising the Closing Auctions section through a top leaderboard so part of this traffic may come from there.

    A single post use to generate at minimum a hundred clicks.

    I do not share your point of view regarding bloggers, most are doing a great job sharing their experience and knowledge. There is a different pallet of bloggers and diversity is interesting. Take what is interesting for you at the moment.

    Regarding Morgan I never read annywhere he is making a million dollars monthly, he is probably doing well but not at this scale. I doubt any blogger will risk his reputation writing lies.

  5. aron says:

    Salvio sometimes it is best to try to stir up some past sales to verify what a blogger has done or simply look at the list of names that he or she owns to see if they actually practice what they type

  6. Savio DSilva says:

    Hi Aron,
    I have done my research, and if you guys had done yours then you would know that I have bought and sold over 1800 domains in the last 14 months alone.

    So, when I say something I think it it best to listen before commenting about my comments on something that probably you know nothing much about.

  7. Savio DSilva says:

    I find it quite amusing that these self-proclaimed domain blog experts and kings pretend not to know anything about self domain hijacking.

    Also, the very fact that you guys don’t support the way you should be, shows just how grateful you domain bloggers are for the huge volumes of traffic the French man is sending you for absolutely free.

    Guys like Shane, Morgan, Jason, and Rick should be thanking a million times each year instead of boasting about what they know about the domaining world.

    Take away their domain blogs from and you won’t even realized they existed in the domaining environment. That is how much they really know about domaining.

    And, of course, then there is the self-proclaimed gangsters of the domaining world called “domain gang” who know so less about domaining that it shows on every single post on his domain blog. He doesn’t know whether to sell his graphics or his domains. He tries to do both but succeeds at none of the two.

    Quit pretending that you guys know so much about the domaining world and the markets will open up for you just like it has for most domainers who don’t act like they know everything.

    All you guys know is PIGEON SHIT! And for what it’s worth the guy who says he can lease your domains for you is the guy you should probably avoid at all costs. He is one hell of a liar and he will waste a lot of your time talking about how much he knows about the domaining world when he actually knows PIGEON SHIT!

  8. aron says:

    Wow you took my comment the wrong way. I was saying that past sales and domains that people own are public knowledge and that’s a good way to verify if a blogger knows what he’s talking about or not.

  9. Francois says:

    When a blogger is accepted in there is no obligation to post a badge in a specific location of his pages. I simply incite a higher visibility by offering an advertising discount based on the award placement. Probably most bloggers thought they were already sending a lot of traffic to I was surprised myself that numbers were so low. This may due to the fact the amount of new people visiting blogger’s pages not knowing is very low, outlining a huge percentage of their subscribers were simply acquired from traffic year after year.

    Bloggers don’t owe me, it’s a mutual winning situation where they bring content in exchange of traffic. Now I admit that accept or no a new blogger today should not have a lot of impact on when for a new domain blogger it’s a tremendous opportunity. But this fact has been built after years of a successful association.

    It’s possible to only have your prefered bloggers appear on and hide the ones you don’t appreciate, just update this page once logged:
    and read the domain news being logged.

  10. Jin says: is why only reason that lot of domain blogs have traffic :)

    Thanks to

  11. Savio DSilva says:

    Some people just don’t get it. Nor can they take some really good advice, knowing fully well how helpful that advice might be to them in the long run. needs your support in return for the huge amount of traffic they send you. That support includes writing at least a few posts dedicated to them and only them. Also placing their ad banners or badges as the French man calls them on prominent areas of your blogs, preferably the top banner area.

    Lastly, try writing about only what you know, and what you have practiced yourself with some amount of success. The mob is smart enough to see through the pigeon shit domainers but it sure is a real waste of time reading the pathetic posts on most of the domain blogs featured on

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